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Who needs bookmarks? Drag-and-drop!

Hi I’m awkisopen and I’m a terrible person because I didn’t have my laptop yesterday to do a post. But I’ve got it today, and so today, I shall post!

This is a pretty simple tip, and it’s got more to do with the “inspiration/research” phase of writing than the “writing” phase of writing. I’m gonna show you the easy way to grab snippets from the web and save ’em for later.

Let’s say, hypothetically, I’m reading a blog about steampunk (called “STEAMED!”) and I happen across this hypothetical post about steampunk archetypes:

“How useful!” I say to myself and reach for the bookmark bar. But wait! What if I’m offline when I want to refer to this handy-dandy post? A bookmark in such a situation would be useless – nay, masochistic! – providing only a mocking reminder to a page that cannot be referenced.

So I do this instead. I highlight the relevant text – the list itself – omitting the introduction and conclusion, beauitfully written as they may be:

Then I simply drag the text out of the browser and drop it onto my desktop.

Doing this produces a file, like so:

Which I helpfully rename to something more useful:

Now the list has been safely copied to my hard drive as plaintext, ready to be referenced at any time!

Bonus points if you stick it in your Dropbox, syncing it across every computer and/or operating system you use.