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There are thousands of reasons to use Linux. This blog is about one of them.

I write as a hobby. Up until now I’ve been very vanilla about my choice of programs: Microsoft Word, 95 through 2010. A single word processor. That’s it. And some might say that’s good enough; after all, somehow authors struggled on through the pre-computer era. But hey, we live in an age where free software is bountiful and (relatively!) painless to try out.

It’s just a matter of, well, finding it.

In this blog, I’ve torn away from Microsoft Office and thrown myself into a virtual machine running Linux Mint. Sure, it’s not my first time in Linux. I know my way around somewhat, a few Terminal commands, some software packages. It is, however, my first time trying to continue my hobby using Linux and Linux alone.

Writing On Linux is a record of my experiences trying to achieve the titular goal. I’ll be striving toward a distraction-free yet rich writing environment, complete with the best reference, brainstorming, note-taking, researching, backup, and of course word processing software I can find.

Can I do it? Will Linux prove a superior OS to write on than, say, OS X or Windows? I have no idea, but no matter what happens, I’ll have learned tons along the way – and hopefully paved the way for future Google searchers to find useful writing software on Linux.

So fire up your favorite flavor of Linux and follow along. It’s time to get writing.


3 Comments on “About”

  1. I would recommend you close comments on the about page and insert a feedback box. You can find it in the page editor.

    • awkisopen says:

      I might do that later on, but for now I’ll keep the comments. I feel like it’s kind of a page to comment on the mission of the site rather than a particular post/topic. I have some plans for a feedback box though.

  2. Tobias Mann says:

    Please don’t stop writing I really enjoyed your blog!

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