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Suggestion box and PostAWeek

Thanks to everyone who’s commented and recommended programs this week. I’ve been able to try out a fair bit of new stuff – Tomboy Notes, Synapse, and FocusWriter, to name a few – and really, discovering new Linux software is a major part of what this blog is about. So again, thank you.

I’ve put up a suggestion box of sorts if you have something you love to use and you’d like to recommend it. Don’t take it as a reason not to recommend stuff in the comments though – comments are always preferable since it usually provokes some interesting discussion down there. But if you have something you’d like to recommend, and it’s totally unrelated to whatever nonsense I decided to post that day, pop it in the box and I’ll give it a go.

Also, I’m joining PostAWeek. Why not PostADay, even though I’ve been posting every day? Because I’m not sure if I will make a post a day. I’m only posting so long as I have something about which to post. Every post I make, no longer how long or short, is something I want to share because I think someone will find it useful. I might be wrong, but at least that’s my intention. I don’t want to force myself to keep posting if I’ve run out of stuff to talk about. Cluttering everyone’s feeds and inboxes with useless junk wouldn’t get any of us anywhere, would it?

But I do want to write. That’s why I’m writing on Linux, after all, and why I’m posting part of what I’m working on every Sunday. I can’t make it my goal to post about Linux every day, but I can make it my goal to post a bit of what I’m writing every week.

So consider this my official PostAWeek announcement. Maybe a couple weeks late, but there it is.

In the meantime, keep suggesting programs – no matter how trivial you might think they are. I don’t care if you flood the suggestion box with requests; it’s always a treat to have new software to try.

As always, thanks for reading,



3 Comments on “Suggestion box and PostAWeek”

  1. I just said I wasn’t going to have time with University for post a day and post a week. I just decided to do what I could. If I let the need for writing a post every week control me I wouldn’t have a very interesting blog. Anyway thought I might add that.

    • awkisopen says:

      It is a very daunting goal, and like I said, not one I’d be comfortable applying to this blog as a whole. I can’t force a post out about Linux every day – it wouldn’t be fair to me or to anyone reading.

      But what I can focus on is writing fiction often enough that I can post a chapter of it every Sunday. It’s not an unreasonable goal, and it’s one I want to keep in mind as I’m posting on weekdays – since, as I mentioned, if I’m not actually writing on Linux there’s no way I could post anything new.

      So PostAWeek is perfect for me. Though of course if it should ever threaten to compromise the quality of my writing, I’d sooner ignore it.

  2. […] Suggestion box and PostAWeek ( […]

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