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Launch your applications of choice with Kupfer

Just a quick one today since yesterday’s post was a tad on the long side.

With all the different kinds of software I’ve mentioned so far – a thesaurus, a note-taking program, a bunch of word processors – getting everything started up once you decide It’s Writing Time can be a tedious process. For example, even though Artha is tons more efficient to use, I keep finding myself opening a new tab for instead. It’s just easier than going to Mint’s menu and searching for Artha – or if you’re on Ubuntu you don’t even have the option to search, you have to know exactly where it is in the menus.

Kupfer solved this problem for me. It’s a simple program launcher that works like this: press Ctrl+Space, then start typing the name of the program you want to open. With Artha I don’t have to go past “Ar” before it knows what I mean. Once you see the program you want, hit Enter to open it. Done.

Beyond programs, Kupfer also has support for documents (though I’ve had to open mine at least once before Kupfer could launch them), webpages, and even your clipboard. If you want to see all it can do, check out this in-depth article.


6 Comments on “Launch your applications of choice with Kupfer”

  1. I actually prefer synapse desktop search. It was the last video I made on the website.

  2. Trinae Ross says:

    +1 for Synapse. It looks awesome and allows you to not only launch programs, but pull up documents, web address, definitions and so much more. It yanked me away from Gnome-Do, though I hear the latter is coming out with a new version, soon.

    • awkisopen says:

      Man there are tons of these things aren’t there? I’m gonna try to give as many of them a test run as possible… especially Synapse, from your account of it it sounds especially impressive. Certain things with Kupfer are starting to bug me – documents only work if I’ve opened them up the first time, URL support is wonky, etc., so I’m looking forward to trying new stuff out.

      Thanks to EVERYONE for the comments. Looks like a long post on the matter’s coming your way next week ❤

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