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Saturdays are now meta.

Told you I’d be doing something different today. It occurred to me that while I’m blogging about writing on Linux, blogging itself is a form of writing, and you can certainly do it on Linux – so why not blog about blogging, too? Besides, I’ve been meaning to blog about my experience with WordPress so far and I didn’t want to shoehorn it into some random post.

So instead, Saturdays are going to be my metablogging days, and I’ve successfully used the word “blog” enough times that it now looks weird to me. Blog. Blog blog blog.

Anyway, similar to how this isn’t my first time on Linux, this certainly isn’t my first time on WordPress. This is my first time “blogging with a purpose,” though – everything before this had been a random collection of whatever interested me at the time. Instead this blog is about one specific subject, and I have to tell you, writing it is a lot more enjoyable. It’s easier to write when you’ve narrowed your scope, for one thing. And for another, I like to think I’m helping out future Googlers looking for writing software.

I started this blog a bit more than a week ago because of the disappointing search results for writing on Linux. And no, I didn’t just search for that – I’m talking about writing software on Linux, writing in Linux, freeware word processors, and what have you. Originally I was going to spit out a few posts about Linux with the maximum of a post a day (so as not to overwhelm anyone, including myself) and then take breaks when I ran out of software to talk about.

But my list of stuff to try out has exploded. Really, I thought I’d do maybe ten posts on my first run. Instead I have thirty or so separate subjects to write about, thanks to other bloggers’ posts and comments. As it turns out, there is a ton of stuff out there for writers. Now I’ve made it my mission to bring it to you.

Enough about Linux, let’s talk about WordPress. Specifically, about finding stuff to read on it.

I didn’t come here just to write, I wanted to see what other people had to say about writing on Linux too. For the past week or so I’ve achieved this by throwing a ton of keywords into WordPress’s “tag surfer” and reading whatever popped up. I found quite a few good blogs/posts from that alone, but recently it’s dried up for me.

The problem with tag surfer is, not everyone tags their posts! And those who do usually don’t tag them enough. Tags aren’t like categories, where you keep them limited to as not to turn your blog into an organizational disaster. Tags are supposed to help people find your stuff. So even if you mention a certain subject in only a paragraph of your post, please tag it! It helps out those of us who are looking for new stuff to read.

In the meantime, Google provides a nice way of supplementing the tag surfer. Go to Google and type this in: “keyword”

Where keyword is, of course, whatever it is you’re looking to find posts about. Once you do that Google will spit out every post on with your keyword in it. That’s pretty useless if you’re trying to find fresh posts, so expand “show search tools” in the left column and select either “latest” or “past 24 hours”. “Latest” gives you a live feed of posts in reverse-chronological order, which is pretty neat, but if you’re catching up on stuff for the first time today I’d stick with”24 hours”.

So help me out here – what’s some other ways to find new stuff on WordPress?


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