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Getting Started: Linux Mint 10

I’m not a complete Linux newbie, but I’m far from a fanatic. I’ve tried a lot (well, a fair amount) of different operating systems and I’d have to say Windows 7 is the most to my liking. It’s fast, it’s shiny, and it runs Microsoft Word, my writing companion for nearly a decade. I’ve grown used to the thing, even back when it had that irritating little paperclip constantly asking you if you were writing a letter, or thinking about writing a letter, or perhaps suggesting, very subtly, that you ought to be writing a letter, because really he was good at helping with that, really he was, just give him a chance.

But what’s the fun in stagnation, eh? So just in the interest of mixing things up a tad, I’ve fired up Linux in a virtual machine and I’m ready to see what it has to offer me as a writer instead of, well, a huge geek experimenting with OS’s.

Technical details ahoy

The Linux distribution I’ll be using is Linux Mint – at the moment, version 10 – by far the most awesome looking flavor of Linux I’ve ever tried. Really, it’s primarily the fact that it’s shiny that I’ve decided to give it a go. That, and it being essentially a modified version of Ubuntu means I can Google around the Ubuntu forums for any issues I may come across. And this being Linux, I will come across some.

The virtualization software I’ll be using is none other than VirtualBox – at the moment version 3.2.12 – because… um… it’s free and I’ve been using it for a long time now. Other suggestions are of course totally welcome, because outside of VBox I don’t really know an awful lot.

My host operating system is Windows 7 because I love that stuff.

All right, back to the writing bit

As for why I’m blogging about this experience, I’ve had a really disappointing time Googling around for Linux programs for writers. There are a few custom distros out there that focus on this sort of thing, but from what I can tell, most of them were abandoned soon after they were created.

So what is this blog gonna be about? It’s gonna be about finding stuff for writers on Linux, reviewing said stuff, and of course documenting my experiences with said stuff. I’ll start off nice and simple with OpenOffice Writer since that comes bundled with Mint 10. And probably just about every other Linux distribution as well I know I know.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it seems like VBox 4.0 just came out, so I’m going to go take care of that.


2 Comments on “Getting Started: Linux Mint 10”

  1. Trinae Ross says:

    Linux Mint is great distro, especially for beginners, especially since it takes care of things like audio and video codecs of you, instead of having to install them yourself. Their slab menu is second to none also.

    I think one of the most important thing about Mint, as well as other distros in general, is the sense of community. The Mint forums are friendly and members are quick to help. Because 10 is built on Ubuntu, you also can benefit from the larger Ubuntu forums.

    • awkisopen says:

      So true. When I was just starting out (this isn’t my first time in Mint, and I have to say I’m very impressed with Mint 10) the Ubuntu forums were a tremendous help. Their more relaxed philosophy towards third-party drivers is what helps me get my 5 year old HP laptop’s wireless card up and working out of the box – with Ubuntu it took me weeks.

      Go Mint!

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